This is the portfolio of

Kevan Lin

001. Current Status

I am actively seeking a
Staff Product Designer role.

I have eleven years of experience with five top tier technology companies (Shopify, Atlassian, Amazon, just to name a few).

For my next role, I am seeking complex challenges. Either in the form of building something from the ground up (0 → 1) or making complex operations simple for the every day user.

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002. Design Philosophy

Great design converges
in the following three areas:

  1. Being data-informed,
  2. Leaning into empathy,
  3. Trusting your gut instinct.

It's not enough to just be data-informed. Nor is it not enough to only be empathic. It's also not enough to soley trust your instincts. Great designs and designers lean into this convergence to build truly impactful experiences.

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