Hey, my name is Kevan Lin

I am a Senior UX Designer who loves to speak multiple languages.

I'm fluent in

  • The language of customers
  • The language of business
  • The language of developers
  • The language of teamwork

About Kevan

Who do I work for?

I currently work at HubSpot, Inc. I'm working on a stealth project that involves multiple touchpoints across the company. Working in typical product triad configuration (product, design, and engineering), we're putting on our innovative thinkings caps on and creating valuable experiences for our customers.

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What's your design origin story?

I started out as a graphic designer using Photoshop 5 making club party flyers. Luckily, I've improved since then. I've worn many hats in my sixteen year creative career. Everything from print, branding, enviromental, website, UX, growth, and product design. Other hats also include design researcher, information architect, strategist, and programmer.

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What am I like outside of work?

My wife Holly and IHomemade pasta drying on rackMe with a piping bag full of ricotta cheeseMe with my boys

I am (hopefully) a loving husband to Holly, a fun father to Malakai and Eleos, and a doggy dad to Mr. Beau the English Setter. When I’m not needed to fulfill my familial duties, I am in the kitchen trying out different recipes. My latest endeavour has been baking my own sourdough (I started before this pandemic, I swear).

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