Listen to what others have to say about me.

Just like visiting a dentist, you'd want to read reviews first, too.

By Theme

  1. Customer-centricity
  2. Business focus
  3. Developer relations
  4. Teamwork

The good stuff

"Kevan holds customers at the highest level of importance. He is an individual that will always go the extra mile to ensure we are considering the customer.”

“Your impact on customers is immense. You clearly care about customers and bring that passion and concern to all of our efforts. Please keep being the advocate of the customer because sometimes their voice can be lost in the hustle and bustle of OKRS, professional services, etc.”

“Kevan anticipates problems and consisently takes a customer view when finding solutions, respectfully challenging the team in problem solving conversations.”


“I would suggest Kevan continue to work on improving story telling particularly with stakeholders. We are one team and yes we have a value “Open Company No Bullshit” but stakeholders are also customers and I want to make sure they always see Kevan at his best.”