Logo work We Left All. To Follow You.


A young adult ministry part of Tulare First Baptist Church

The challenge

Tulare First Baptist Church approached me to develop an identity and identity system for collateral.

Here are the things I knew:

  1. The name of the ministry is called 1828
  2. Their tagline is "We left all to follow You"
  3. 1828 refers to the 18 – 28 age group which makes up their demographic
  4. 1828 also refers to Luke 18:28 which is also the tagline

The solution

One of the first things to figure out was stylistic preference, since there wasn't a style guide established for the church at large.

Next up, incorporate the main message in an abstract manner but still literal enough to understand quickly.

Project Stats

  • Client
  • Tulare FBC
  • Project Timeline
  • 1-2 weeks
  • Project Type
  • Freelance

Early Sketches

1828 early sketch 1
1828 early sketch 2
1828 early sketch 3

Finalized Logos

1828 Ministries

Formal Logo

1828 Ministries

Informal Logo

The "Flying Arrows"

Textural element from the main logo to be incorporated in backgrounds to add visual interest.