Case Study Brand this 30' x 30' space. Go!

The Spiceworks HUB

Project Stats

  • Project Timeline
  • July — September
  • Approximately 7-8 weeks
  • Project Metrics
  • Budget: $55,000
  • People Influenced: 1,500+
  • Revenue Influenced: $1.5 Million
  • Tools Used
  • SketchUp
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Tags
  • Art Direction, Environmental Design, Booth Design, Illustration, Client Management, Illustration, Branding

The history

SpiceWorld is the best IT conference in the world. It is not just for IT professionals, but also for tech marketers who are in the IT space.

What makes SpiceWorld unique? It's ability to directly place IT professionals and IT tech marketers in the same space and make it fun for everyone involved.

There have been seven previous SpiceWorld conferences that have occured. This was the second time it was held at the Austin Convention Center.

The Challenge

Utilize a 30' x 30' space to do the following:

  1. Showcase Spiceworks' free suite of apps and community
  2. Provide a place for people to purchase swag
  3. Promote offline local IT meetups

All while consistently staying on brand.

The solution

Working with an art director at Freeman, the HUB was custom tailored to fit the three areas of concern.

We built in twelve demo stations, two kiosks for SpiceCorps sign up, and a whole retail merchandising side; complete with display areas for products, and shelving space for storage.

Total amount of work included; the design experience of the booth, and the actual production of artwork on all aspects of the booth.

Early Sketches

Spiceworks Hubs

Demo Station side

Spiceworks Hubs

Swag store side

SketchUp models

SketchUp, the 3D modeling tool, aided in presenting both decision makers at Spiceworks and the booth fabricators at Freeman.

Spiceworks Hubs
Spiceworks Hubs
Spiceworks Hubs
Spiceworks Hubs


Various photos of the Spiceworks HUB at SpiceWorld 2104

Spiceworks Hubs
Spiceworks Hubs
Spiceworks Hubs
Spiceworks Hubs